URL Structure

For the URL structure to use, see the topic for the REST API:

The URL examples shown in this guide use the Classic format.

The Classic URL structure begins with this path:


where SERVICE_NAME is the name of the service, TENANT_NAME is the identity domain, SERVICE_TYPE is epm (for environments created many years ago, it could be pbcs), and dcX is the data center (for example, us2).

For OCI (Gen 2), URLs are in a slightly different format, with .ocs.before oraclecloud.com, for example:


where dcX is the data center region (for example, us-phoenix-1).

Note: Oracle does not authorize or support the use of REST APIs with the path token "/internal/" in the URL.

For details on the URL structure, see Differences Between Classic and OCI EPM Cloud Environments. To learn about accessing Oracle Cloud and Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud, see Getting Started with Oracle Cloud and Getting Started with Oracle Enterprise Management Cloud for Administrators.