Skip Updates

Use this REST API to add, list, or remove a skip update request. Using this API, you can ask Oracle to skip applying a monthly update to an environment, or remove all previous skip update requests so that the environment is updated to the main code line. This allows you to skip updates to an EPM Cloud production environment at times when you need to complete time-sensitive tasks, for example, closing a quarter, without creating a service request.

You can also list the skip update requests currently specified for an environment. You can set skip update requests for a maximum of two update cycles. You cannot skip updates for an environment that is on a one-off patch. Additionally, you cannot skip monthly updates that are more than two months apart from the update that the environment is currently on. For example, if the environment is currently on 20.12, you can skip 21.01 and 21.02 updates, but not 21.03. This gives you better control over monthly and weekly updates.

Before using the REST resources, you must understand how to access the REST resources and other important concepts. See About the REST APIs. Using this REST API requires prerequisites. See Prerequisites.

This REST API is version v1.

REST Resource

POST /interop/rest/v1/services/skipupdate

Supported Media Types: application/json


The following table summarizes the request parameters.

Table 6-54 Parameters

Name Description Type Required Default
type The desired action to be performed (Add, List, or Remove) Form Yes None
version The version to be skipped from update, for example, 20.12 Form


(Yes, only when the type is Add)


The business reason for skipping an update, such as Year End



(Yes, only when the type is Add)



Supported Media Types: application/json


Table 6-55 Parameters

Name Description
details In the case of errors, details are published with the error string
status See Migration Status Codes
links Detailed information about the link
href Links to API call or status API
action The HTTP call type
rel Possible values: self or Job Status. If the value is set to Job Status, you can use the href to get the status of the recreate service
data Parameters as key value pairs passed in the request

Example of Response Body

The following shows an example of the response body in JSON format.