Supported REST Methods

You can use the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud REST APIs to create and manage resources for selected functionality. These APIs provide an alternative to using the selected components in the web-based user interface.

You can use one of a variety of methods to access the REST APIs. For example, you can access the REST API through client applications such as:

  • Web browsers

  • cURL

You can also use the REST APIs in REST client applications that are developed in languages such as:

  • JavaScript

  • Ruby

  • Perl

  • Java

  • Groovy

Before using the REST resources, you must understand how to access the REST resources and other important concepts. See About the REST APIs. Using this REST API requires prerequisites. See Prerequisites.

REST describes any simple interface that transmits data over a standardized interface (such as HTTP) without an additional messaging layer, such as SOAP. REST provides a set of design rules for creating stateless services that are viewed as resources, or sources of specific information, and can be identified by their unique URIs. RESTful web services are services that are built according to REST principles and, as such, are designed to work well on the web. Typically, RESTful web services are built on the HTTP protocol and implement operations that map to the common HTTP methods, such as GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE to retrieve, create, update, and delete resources, respectively.