Guidelines for Working with Multiple Manifest Files

Consider the following when working with multiple manifest files:

  • Clearing the Mac or browser cache removes sideloaded add-ins, but does not remove centrally-deployed add-ins. Anytime you clear your cache on the Mac or in the browser on the Mac, you will need to sideload the add-in again. However, any add-in deployed via centralized deployment will automatically display, even after clearing the cache.

  • When sideloading on the Mac, you will need to add the Smart View add-in each time you launch Excel 365.

  • When opening a worksheet that already has data on it, including multiple-grid sheets, the worksheet metadata will cause the applicable ribbons to automatically load, without clearing the cache or re-sideloading.

  • In the Create Manifest File page, do not manually edit the ID field. Always click the Generate new unique GUID button, Generate new unique GUID button, to generate a new GUID. Manual edits to this field may invalidate the manifest.