Selecting a Review Instance

When a report package is ready for review, an Narrative Reporting web interface message notifies reviewers that they can begin their work.

For example:

RReview is required for Sample Report Package - MS Word - Review Cycle 2

In this example, "Review Cycle 2" signifies that you will select "Review 02" in the Content Selector in Oracle Smart View for Office.

To select a review instance in Smart View:

  1. In the Smart View Panel, verify that the required review instance is selected in the Content Selector.

    When you first open a report package, the active review instance is shown in the Content Selector by default. However, even if you intend to open the active review instance that is showing in the Content Selector, you must still manually select it.


    If only one review cycle is defined for the report package, you must manually select the review instance in the Content Selector.

    In Figure 23-47, "Review 01" and "Review 02" are the available options. The dot next to "Review 02" signifies that this review instance is active and ready for your review comments. Notice that there is no dot next to "Review 01." This signifies that the review instance is closed to new review comments; however, you may open "Review 01" to view it.

    Figure 23-47 Example of Review Instances in the Content Selector

    Shows the available options in the Content Selector; in this example, Review 01 and Review 02 are available.
  2. If not already selected, select the required review instance.

    When you select a review instance, your screen should resemble Figure 23-46.

    You can now begin working with review comments in the review instance.