Defining Member Name Display in the Member Selector

You can change how member names are displayed in the Member Selection dialog box by choosing a Member Name Display option.

Data source types: Oracle Hyperion Financial Management

Using this option allows you to display members in the Member Selection dialog box differently from how they are displayed on the sheet.

The selection you make in the Member Selection dialog box does not affect how members are displayed in the worksheet. Members in the sheet are displayed according to the setting you choose in the Member Name Display field of the Options dialog box, Member Options tab.

For example, when connected to Financial Management, using the Member Name Display field in the Options dialog box, you can choose to display member names with their descriptions in the worksheet . Separately, in the Member Selection dialog box, you can choose to display member names without their descriptions.


Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase, Narrative Reporting: Use alias tables to change the member name display. See Displaying Aliases in the Member Selector.

To define how member names are displayed:

  1. Display the Member Selection dialog box, as described in Selecting Members from the Member Selector.
  2. In the Member Selection dialog, to change the dimension, click the Dimension Selector button in the top left of the dialog box and select a dimension.
  3. Click the Options button, then select Member Name Display, and then select an option:
    • Member Name to display qualified names.


      If you select Member Name in free-form mode, in an ad hoc grid, if you insert a column and type a member name in the new column and want to change the alias table for the sheet, you must first refresh the sheet before changing the alias table.

    • Member Name and Description to display qualified names and descriptions (aliases) in the same cell.

    • Description Only to display aliases only.


      If you select Description Only in free-form mode, qualified names are displayed initially. After you manually add, remove, or edit any comments and refresh, aliases are displayed.

    The member names displayed in the Member Selector are changed according to your selection.