Duplicate Member Names

Different members or member aliases may have identical names.

Data source types: Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase, Narrative Reporting

For example, a database may have two members named "New York," one for New York City and one for New York State. Both members can appear as "New York" in the grid, but if you want to distinguish between them, you can display their qualified names instead. Qualified names include the member name and the names of its ancestors to the level that uniquely defines the member; for example, [Market].[New York].

When you first perform an ad hoc query on a database that supports duplicate member names, the default for the Member Name Display display option for members in the both grid and the POV is Member Name Only

Perform the procedure in this topic to display qualified member names in the grid and POV.


In Narrative Reporting, duplicate member names are allowed across dimensions, but they are not allowed within dimensions.

To display the qualified names of duplicate members:

  1. From the Smart View ribbon, select Options, and then select Member Options in the left panel.
  2. From the Member Name Display drop-down menu, select Distinct Member Name.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Refresh the grid.

    Duplicate members in the grid are displayed as qualified names. In this example, New York City is displayed as [East].[New York]. New York State is displayed as a sibling of East, West, and South: [Market].[New York]:

    In this graphic, New York State is displayed as [Market].[New York], and New York City is displayed as [East].[New York].