Member Information

You can view detailed information about any member on the grid. The information displayed depends on the data source type to which you are connected.

Data source types: Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase

To view member information:

  1. Select a member in the grid.
  2. From the data source ad hoc ribbon, select Cell Information.

    Information is displayed on the following tabs. Only the tabs that are applicable to the member and connection are displayed.

    • Information: A list of general information about the member such as dimension, level, generation, and so forth

    • Aliases: A list of alias tables and corresponding aliases associated with the member

    • Attributes: A table of the dimensions, members, and types of attributes associated with the member

    • Formula: The formula associated with the member

    • Comments: A list of comments associated with the member

    • User Defined Attributes: A list of user defined attributes (attributes of the member defined by the administrator

  3. Optional: To save the information in an Excel file, select Save.
  4. Click Close.