Viewing Dimension Properties

Using the Insert Properties command in the Essbase ribbon, you can quickly view the properties of a dimension in an ad hoc grid.

Data source types: Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase
To view the properties of a selected dimension:
  1. Ensure that you are working with an ad hoc grid connected to Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase.
  2. In the Essbase ribbon, select Insert Properties.

    The Select Properties dialog is displayed, listing the available properties for the dimension.

  3. Using the check boxes, select the properties to view on the grid, as shown in Figure 4-9.

    Alternatively, click Select All to select all dimension properties.

    Figure 4-9 Select Properties Dialog Showing Several Properties Selected

    The Select Properties dialog for the Account dimension showing a list of properties with a check box next to each property, which can be selected.
  4. Click OK.

    The selected dimension properties and their values are displayed in the columns to the left of the selected dimension. In the grid, the dimension properties column headings are designated as follows:

    Dimension Name:Property Name

    For example:



    In an example scenario, in the following grid, we select Account in cell A3:

    Simple grid with Account dimension in row (cell A3) and two column dimensions, Dim1 (cell B1) and Dim2 (cell B2)

    Then click Insert Properties, making the selections shown in Figure 4-9.

    The dimension properties are inserted in the columns to the left of the ad hoc grid. The ad hoc grid now starts in column E. Columns A through D contain the dimension property information.

    After inserting properties for four dimensions, the ad hoc grid shifts to the right and begins in column E. The first four columns contain the four selected dimension properties in row 2, and their values in row 3.

    You may continue working with the grid using ad hoc commands, such as Zoom In and Keep Only, while the dimension properties are displayed, as long as the properties have been inserted to the left of the grid.


    This feature will be supported in an upcoming release of Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase.

    Additionally, administrators must set up the database in Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase for dimension property viewing in Oracle Smart View for Office.

  5. Optional: After viewing the dimension properties, you may delete the columns containing the dimension properties and still continue working in the ad hoc grid.