Filtering by Subsets

For dimensions that contain attribute members, you can select attributes and set conditions for them to display only those members that meet these conditions.

Data source types: Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase

To filter by condition:

  1. Select an attribute member on the grid, and then open Member Selection as described in Selecting Members from the Member Selector.
  2. Click Member Selection View button and select Subset.
  3. From Subset, in Dimension, select an attribute dimension; for example, Ounces.
  4. In Member, select an attribute member; for example, True.
  5. Click Add button.
  6. In Dimension, select another attribute dimension; for example, Pkg Type.
  7. In Member, select another attribute member; for example, Bottle.
  8. Click Add button.

    An AND condition statement is created; for example, [True] AND [Bottle].

  9. Optional: To change the condition statement, highlight the AND condition statement and select Operator, and then AND or OR.
  10. Optional: Nest conditions by selecting more attributes, then Add, and then Root.
  11. Click OK.

    Your selections are displayed in the tree list in Member Selection, where you can select from among them for inclusion in the grid.