Selecting Members Using the Cell-Based POV

You can select members directly from cells in the page dimension row of a grid rather than using the POV toolbar.

Data source types: Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase, Planning, Financial Consolidation and Close, Tax Reporting

The cell-based POV is available by clicking a page POV dimension cell, then selecting the down arrow, Down arrow button, that appears to the right of the cell; it works the same as the POV toolbar.

Figure 4-5 Selecting a Dimension Cell and Clicking the Down Arrow

Clicking in a dimension cell causes a down arrow to appear at the right of the cell. Clicking the arrow launches the cell-based POV containing a list with the name of the dimension selected, along with a search field and an ellipsis button (...). Click the ellipsis button to launch the Member Selection dialog box and select the members to display in the drop-down list.

Click the ellipsis button, Ellipsis button in the cell-based POV., that appears in the cell-based POV and select members in the Member Selection dialog box, and then click OK. Now, look at the dimension cell again. The first member you selected appears in the dimension cell, and the other members are available by clicking the down-arrow in the cell-based POV and selecting them. After each selection, click Refresh to view the updated data.

Using the Oracle Essbase Sample Basic application and database as an example, for the Product dimension, if you select Root Beer, Cream Soda, and Fruit Soda in the Member Selection dialog box, then "Root Beer" appears in the dimension cell, as shown in Figure 4-6. Click Refresh to view the data for Root Beer.

Figure 4-6 Using Cell-Based POV to Change the Product Dimension POV to Root Beer

The POV for the Product dimension has been changed to Root Beer. Clicking Refresh has updated the data to show the sales for Root Beer.

Now click the arrow next to the cell, Down arrow button, and make another selection from the cell-based POV; for example, Cream Soda (Figure 4-7).

Figure 4-7 Changing the POV to Cream Soda Using the Cell-Based POV

Cream Soda is selected from the cell-based POV.

Click Refresh to update the data. Notice that the data has changed (Figure 4-8).

Figure 4-8 Refreshed Data for Cream Soda

After clicking Refresh, the sales data has changed to reflect sales for Cream Soda.

You can also directly type a member name in the search field of the cell-based POV drop-down. In this case, you can select only one member at a time. Click Refresh to view updated data. Type another member name in the search field each time you want to change the POV.

You can still use the POV toolbar as before by toggling the POV button on the provider ribbon. The cell-based POV and the POV toolbar selections are automatically synchronized, regardless of where the selections are made. If you change to a different alias table, the cell-based POV is populated with the proper alias names.