Applies to: Planning, Planning Modules, Financial Consolidation and Close, Tax Reporting


HsAlias displays the alias of the specified dimension member.


Function nesting is not supported for HsAlias. That is, HsAlias output cannot be referenced in another HsAlias function.


HsAlias("PrivateConnectionName","Dimension#Member", "OutputAliasTable", "MemberNameFromAliasTable", "FlagToReturnDistinctName")


For detailed syntax information, see Syntax Guidelines.


  • The connection and Dimension#Member parameters are required.

  • The OutputAliasTable parameter is optional. If OutputAliasTable is empty, then the connection level alias will be used for OutputAliasTable.

  • It is optional to specify which alias table the member is from. If MemberNameFromAliasTable is empty, then the original member name from the outline will be used.

  • If the member name is not found in the alias table specified in MemberNameFromAliasTable, then the original member name from the outline will be used.

  • The HsActive keyword within the HsAlias function can only be used on a sheet with an ad hoc grid.

  • Copy and Paste either from Oracle Smart View for Office (Mac and Browser) or Excel is not supported. Only static text will be pasted.

  • The Boolean argument, FlagToReturnDistinctName, determines if the alias output is a short name or fully qualified name. The default is False.


HsAlias("MyVision","Scenario#Actual", "German", "Default", "True")