Attribute Dimensions in Free-Form Grids

Review the guidelines and examples in this topic when working with attribute dimensions in free-form mode.

Data source types: Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase

Figure 26-14 shows an example of both page region and attribute usage. In this example, Pkg Type (an attribute dimension attached to the base member Product) and Budget are page dimensions. By drilling down on Pkg Type you can do attribute based analysis on measures as it relates to specific Product attributes. This can be further used to create a cross-tab analysis of product SKUs by attribute.

Figure 26-14 Attribute Dimensions in Free-Form Grids

Shows a valid grid as described in the previous paragraph.

Alternatively, to quickly add attribute dimensions onto a free-form grid, follow the instructions in Inserting Attribute Dimensions on the Sheet. You can then use the member selection instructions in the Dimensions and Members to select and work with members from the attribute dimensions.