Comments in Free-Form Grids

Review the guidelines in this section when working with comments in free-form grids.

Data source types: Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase, Planning


Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase, Planning in EPM Cloud: You cannot add comments on worksheets that are enabled for multiple grids.

Comments can be placed as follows:

  • Between row dimensions

  • Between column dimensions

  • Between page dimensions

  • Between dimensions and data cells

  • Interleaved with members of page dimensions

  • Interleaved with members of row, column and page dimensions

    Further, comment rows and comment columns can be interleaved with row and column dimensions.

  • To the left, right, top, bottom of the grid.

Comments cannot be placed in data cells or in cells that intersect row and column dimensions in the upper right corner.

When working with comments in Planning, note that comments are supported both inside and outside of the grid boundaries.


Comments are not saved to the provider server in the free-form worksheet. For example, if you use the Save Ad Hoc Grid command with a Planning free-form or ad hoc grid, the formulas are not saved. However, you can retain the comments in a worksheet by performing a Save in Excel and saving the workbook.

For information about unexpected behavior that may occur, see Actions That May Cause Unexpected Behavior.

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