Adding Sections to Report Package Structures

You can add sections to Word-, PowerPoint-, and PDF-based report package structures in the Report Center in Oracle Smart View for Office.

To add a section to a report package structure:

  1. Open Office, connect to Narrative Reporting, and open a report package, as described in Connecting to Narrative Reporting in Smart View.
  2. In the Report Center, perform an action:
    • Select the doclet or section in the report package structure before which the new section will be inserted.

      The section will be inserted before the doclet or section that you select.

    • Navigate into a section folder and select the doclet before which the new section will be inserted.

    • If there are no doclets or sections yet in the report package structure, click root in the Report Center panel.

      If there are doclets or sections in the report package structure, and you click root, then the section will be added as the last artifact in the report package.

  3. In the Action Panel, click the Add Section link and in Add Section To Report Package, complete the following:
    • Name—Required. Enter a section name. This is the section name that will appear in the report package.

    • Description—Optional. Enter a section description.

    Add Section to Report Package dialog box.
  4. Click Add.