Approving Doclets

This topic applies to Office-based doclets of all types—regular, reference, and supplemental. Unless otherwise noted, the term doclets refers to all Office-based doclet types.

As approver, if you are satisfied that the doclet is correct, you approve it to complete it. If multiple approvals are required, you, as approver, submit the doclet for further approvals. After approval, authors can no longer check out the doclet, although they can still download and inspect it.

To approve a doclet, reference doclet, or Office-based supplemental doclet:

  1. If not already open, in the Smart View Panel, navigate to the doclet and double-click it to open it.


    In the Report Center, a green arrow, Green arrow symbol on doclet, signifies doclets that require your attention as approver.

  2. In the Narrative Reporting ribbon, click Approve.

    The Approve button in the Performance Management ribbon

    In the Smart View Panel, the approved doclet appears in the doclet responsibilities list with a green check mark:

    Green check mark indicating that doclet is approved.

    If a doclet requires multiple levels of approval, the approved artifact appears in the doclet responsibilities list with the rubber stamp icon:

    Rubber stamp icon indicating that doclet or supplemental doclet requires further levels of approval.

    When a doclet is approved by all approvers, its status is updated to Approved in the Narrative Reporting web interface; the green check mark is displayed with the doclet in Oracle Smart View for Office.