Rejecting Doclets

This topic applies to Office-based doclets of all types, including reference and supplemental. Unless otherwise noted, the term doclets refers to all Office-based doclet types.

If a doclet is not ready for approval, you can either edit it yourself (check out the doclet, modify it, and check in the corrected version), or you can reject it to send it back to the author to edit.

To reject a doclet, reference doclet, or supplemental doclet:

  1. If not already open, in the Smart View Panel, navigate to the doclet and double-click it to open it.
  2. In the Narrative Reporting ribbon, click Reject.

    The Reject button in the Narrative Reporting ribbon.

    When a doclet is rejected, its status is updated to Rejected, and the responsibility reverts to the author, and notification is sent to the author. If there are multiple approver levels, notification is sent to all approvers within the approval path.

    The author must update the content and resubmit it for approval.

    In the Smart View Panel, the rejected doclet appears in the doclet responsibilities list with a red X:

    The rejected doclet shown with a red X in the report package