Recalling Doclets

If enabled in the report package, Authors and Approvers may use the Recall Doclet button in the Narrative Reporting ribbon to restart the Doclet workflow, allowing them to make modifications to the Doclet content as needed. This action will be available to the Authors and Approvers when the doclet has been marked complete or when the doclet is at a higher level within the approval path; for example, after the doclet has been submitted.

If the Recall Doclet setting is not enabled in the report package, the Recall Doclet button does not appear on the Narrative Reporting ribbon. Once an author submitted or an approver approved a doclet, they can no longer update the doclet’s contents if additional modifications are needed. The Report Package Owner is required to either reject or restart the Doclet workflow.

Recalling a doclet restarts the authoring process for only the selected doclet. Authors may continue their modifications, and can submit the updated doclet for approval if an approval phase is required.

To recall a doclet:
  1. Open the doclet to recall.
  2. In the Narrative Reporting ribbon, click the Recall Doclet button.
    Recall button

    After you click Recall Doclet, the Submit button is again enabled.

  3. Continue with authoring process for the doclet; for example, check out the doclet, make modifications, upload, check in, and submit for approval, if required.