Defining Named Ranges in Excel-based Reference Doclets

This topic applies only to Excel-based reference doclets.

The reference doclet author creates report content and then defines named ranges around that content in the reference doclet. In general, range names can be created using the New Name dialog box, accessed either from the Name Manager or the Define Name items on the Formula ribbon of Excel. Find out more about range names in the Microsoft documentation.

You can define named ranges before adding a reference doclet to a report package.

Alternatively, you can define named ranges during the author phase, as described in this topic.


Prior to beginning this procedure, ensure that the author phase has been initiated.

To define named ranges for Excel-based reference doclets:

  1. Open the report package.
  2. Open, and then check out the reference doclet.
    The reference doclet should open in Excel. If you opened the report package in Word or PowerPoint, Excel is launched when opening the reference doclet.
  3. Create the report content.
  4. Add range names to selected report content.
    You can add range names to any or all report content in the reference doclet. You decide which content you want to make available to authors of the report package.

    A named range is valid when the named range:

    • Exists within an Excel workbook.

    • Is not a hidden name.

    • Refers to a range of cells in a worksheet which is not hidden.

    • Is not referring to a formula or constant.

    • Does not have a dynamically calculated reference, for example the reference must point to an absolute range of cells, rather than relying on a reference formula or another named range to dynamically determine the range.

    • Does not contain any errors, for example a “#REF!” error.

    Remember, named ranges become available content in the report package.

  5. Optional: As you add named ranges and edit content in reference doclets, complete the steps in Validating Fonts in Reference Doclets to ensure that fonts you are using in the reference doclet are also available in the Narrative Reporting service.
  6. When you finish adding report content and named ranges to the report, and validating fonts, upload, and then check in the reference doclet.

    The reference doclet must at least be uploaded in order to continue with the next step.

  7. Continue with Adding Available Content to Excel-based Reference Doclets.