About Distributions

Distributions enable a report package owner to send report content to stakeholders at any point in the report package development. As a recipient, depending on the options that the report package owner selects, you can view, download in native format, or download as PDF all of the report content that the report package owner assigns to you.

When a report package owner executes a distribution, notifications are sent to the recipients' email and the Messages tab on the Narrative Reporting web interface. The notifications contain links to access the distributed content from Narrative Reporting. You can click the links in the email to view or download the distribution from the web interface.

Or, you can launch Oracle Smart View for Office, open the report package, navigate to the Distributions panel, and view or download the distribution in PDF format from Office.

Report package owners can refer to Reviewing, Signing, and Receiving Report Packages in Narrative Reporting for information on setting up distributions.