Viewing Distributions

When a report package owner executes a distribution, notifications are sent to the recipients' email and the Messages tab on the web. The notifications contain links to access the distributed content. You can also log in to Oracle Smart View for Office and, depending on the options selected by the report package owner, download or open the PDF version of the distribution for viewing.

To view distributions:
  1. Connect to Narrative Reporting and open a report package, as described in Connecting to Narrative Reporting in Smart View.
  2. In the Report Package panel, select Distributions from the drop-down list.

    Drop-down menu with Distribution option in Report Package panel
  3. From the list of distributions in the Report Package panel, select a distribution.

    List of available distributions in the Distributions panel, with the options to Open or Download as PDF
  4. Perform an action:
    • Click Open to view the distribution immediately.

    • Click Download as PDF to download the distribution and view anytime.