Refreshing Report Packages

You can refresh the contents of a report package by using the Refresh Report Package command in the Library pane of the Smart View Panel.

When you select Refresh Report Package, Oracle Smart View for Office takes the following actions for each doclet (regular and reference doclets) in the report package:

  • Download

  • Checkout

  • Refresh of all data points, embedded content, and variables; this includes all data points or data sheets within Excel reference and supplemental doclets for all defined Smart View Panel sources

  • Upload

  • Checkin


When you perform a Refresh Report Package, you must have access to all the doclets, including those that contain Smart View queries. Furthermore, in order to refresh those queries, you may be prompted for login credentials to all the data sources that those queries are accessing.

To refresh a report package:

  1. Ensure that you are in the Library pane of the Smart View Panel.

    From Narrative Reporting Home, click Library, then expand the EPRCS node, then the Library node, then expand the Report Packages folder, and then select a report package.

    In the following example, you could select the report package named "Sample Report Package - MS Word".

    The Library pane of the Smart View Panel in Word showing the default folders: Recent, Favorites, My Library, Report Packages, and Application. Report Package is expanded and contains the Sample Report Package - MS Word report package.
  2. With the report package selected, from the Action Panel, click Refresh Report Package.

    The Refresh Report Package prompt is displayed letting you know that the process can be time consuming.

    Refresh Report Package warning message to let you know that the process can be time consuming.
  3. Click Yes at the prompt.

    Smart View begins the process of opening and checking out doclets; refreshing data points, data sheets in Excel reference doclets, embedded content, and variables; and then closing the doclets.

    Focus will move between Office applications.

    If the refresh is successful for all doclets, Smart View returns you to the Office application from which you began the process.