Reverting to a Prior Version of a Doclet

When authoring a doclet in a report package and your updates or the outcome is incorrect after previewing the doclet, you can revert back to a prior doclet version.

You can revert doclets, reference doclets, and supplemental doclets to previous versions.

To revert a doclet to a prior version:

  1. Open the report package.
  2. Open, and then check out the doclet.
    The doclet is opened in the appropriate Office application.
  3. Click Inspect in the Narrative Reporting ribbon to launch the Properties dialog box.

    Inspect icon

    Alternatively, with the doclet selected in the report package list, select the View Properties link in the Action Panel.

  4. In the Properties dialog, click the Version tab, Version tab icon.
  5. In the Version tab, click Make Version Current button for the version of the doclet you want to make current.

    In the following example, we want to make version 2 the current version, so we'll click Make Version Current button on the line for version 2.

    Version tab of Properties dialog, showing five prior versions and the current version. A button is available for each prior version for users to click on to revert the current version to the selected prior version.

    A new work-in-progress version of the doclet is created based on the selected doclet file.

  6. In the warning prompt, click Yes to confirm.

    The report content in the new version is based on the prior version. However, any embedded content or variables contained in the prior version are refreshed to their current values.


    If you accessed the Properties dialog by selecting the View Properties link in the Action Panel, then you must close and reopen the doclet in order to see the reverted version.

  7. Review the doclet to verify it is the correct content.
  8. Upload and check the doclet back in to the report package to commit the changes to the report.