Searching for Variables

Use the search in the Variables panel to locate variables to insert, modify, highlight, or delete

To search for variables:
  1. Open the report package.
  2. In the drop-down list in the Report Package panel, select Variables.

    Shows the options available in drop-down list in the Report Package. Options are Report Center and Variables.

    The list of variables available in the report package is displayed in the panel.

    The magnifying glass icon, tbd signifies the variable search text box.


  3. Optional: To search from a filtered list of variables, click any of the filter links: Static, Reference, or In Use (see Filtering Variables).
  4. Enter search criteria in the variables search text box, and then click tbd.

    The search results are listed.

    In the following example, a search for variables that contain Plan in their name yielded the following results.



    Wildcards symbols, such as asterisks, are not required and should not be used unless they are part of the variable name.

  5. To clear the search results list and restore the full list of variables, click The X button in the variables search text box, or click the All filter link.

    Alternatively, click the Static, Reference, or In Use filter link to return to a filtered list of variables.