Overriding the Default URL for the Extension Download

Your Oracle Smart View for Office administrator may move an extension installer to a non-default location and then notify you of the installer location. If this happens, complete the following procedure.


The non-default location of an extension installer can be a URL, or a local or network folder.

To override the default download URL or folder location:

  1. From the Smart View ribbon, select Options, and then Extensions.
  2. Select the Override default download URL check box.

    The text box and browse button are activated, as shown in Figure 6-2.

    Figure 6-2 Override Default Download URL Check Box

    Override Default Download URL Check Box on the Extensions tab of the Options dialog box.
  3. Enter a URL in the text box, or click Browse button and navigate to the local folder or the network folder specified by your Smart View administrator.

    The UpdateList.xml file is automatically appended to either the URL or the folder specified.