Saving Shared Connections as Private Connections

Although you cannot create shared connections without administrative privileges, you can save them as private connections if they are enabled for private connections.

To create a private connection from a shared connection:

  1. From the Shared Connections tree list, select an item to save as a private connection.
  2. From the Action Panel, select Add to private connections.

    This option is available only if the selected item is enabled for saving as a private connection.

  3. Optional: From Save as Private Connection, edit the name and description of the connection.
  4. Click OK.

    The connection name is displayed in the following:

    • The Shared Connections tree list, indicated as private by a small arrow

    • The Private Connections drop-down menu

  5. To ensure that the current worksheet is connected to the newly-created private connection, in the Smart View ribbon, click Connections, then Active Connections, and then select the check box next to the new connection name.

    Alternatively, once you perform a Oracle Smart View for Office action (for example, select Ad hoc analysis from the Action Panel), the connection is automatically made.