Managing Service Requests

Service request resolution is a collaborative and iterative process which requires your active participation. A well-formed service request includes a detailed description of the issue or question, troubleshooting actions already taken, and a description of the business impact. Large, complex problems reported to Oracle Support through service requests may take time to resolve. At times, the service request may not progress fast enough to meet you implementation or upgrade plans or project milestones. In such cases, you have these options:

  • Determine if the service request severity is set correctly Service request severity setting should comply with the categorization specified in the "Severity Definitions" section of Oracle Cloud Hosting and Delivery Policies. You can request Oracle to change the severity by contacting the Support Engineer through the service request or by calling your region’s support contact phone number.
  • Request management attention to the service request

Requesting Management Attention to a Service Request

Requesting management attention to a service request involves your management and Oracle Global Customer Support management. While this process does not guarantee immediate resolution of the issue; it ensures that the right Oracle resources are focused on resolving the service request and communicating progress. It also provides a channel to notify Oracle Support of target dates and deadlines and the impact of the service request on your implementation plans. You may request the attention of an Oracle Global Support Manager to your service request in the following scenarios:

  • The service request is not being resolved expeditiously to meet you implementation or upgrade plans or project milestones.
  • Additional important business issues need to be communicated to Customer Support managers.
  • You are not satisfied with the response or resolution that was made available.

Requesting management attention facilitates the creation of an action plan to resolve your issue and allows Oracle Support to validate and coordinate the required resources to resolve the problem.


Routinely requesting management attention to non-critical issues or consistently overstating the criticality of a service request may result in a misunderstanding of the importance or critical impact of future requests. Use this option only in critical situations.

For instructions on this process, refer to How To Request Management Attention on a Service Request (SR) with Oracle Support Services (Doc ID 199389.1).