Submitting a Technical Service Request

Sign in to the Oracle Support web site and create a technical service request. Be sure to include the reference number that the Provide Feedback utility created. Depending on your business process and issue, Oracle needs information such as:

  • POVs

  • User and substitution variables

  • Expected and actual performance parameters (for example, expected time for consolidation versus actual time)

  • Fiddler trace or HAR file of the session

  • Log files


After the OCI environments are created for Customer or Oracle-Managed Migration, Oracle Support list only the OCI accounts and environments. Classic accounts and environments are no longer listed. If data migration from Classic to OCI environments is not finished yet and you need to create a service request for a Classic environment:
  • Select an OCI environment in Oracle Support
  • In service request Summary and Description, specify the service URL of the Classic environment for which you are creating the service request.
  • Include the Provide Feedback reference number from the Classic environment.