EPM Cloud Classic to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Migration

Oracle has a longstanding reputation for providing innovative technologies that empower organizations to meet their most demanding business needs. One of Oracle's latest advancements is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). As the foundation of Oracle's second generation cloud, OCI is purpose-built, best-in-class platform for running enterprise applications. OCI is engineered from the ground up to run mission-critical databases, workloads, and applications while providing end-to-end security. Oracle's data centers around the globe are standardizing on the new OCI architecture which delivers even greater performance and reliability. Many Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud features are available only in OCI. See Features Available only in OCI EPM Cloud Environments in Getting Started with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud for Administrators.

For information on where Oracle provisions new orders from existing customers, see Location of New Environments.

Over time, Oracle plans to migrate all EPM Cloud instances in Classic commercial data centers to OCI using Oracle-Managed Migration.


Customer-Managed OCI Migration option is no longer available. If only some of your environments were previously migrated using Customer-Managed Migration, the remaining environments will be migrated using Oracle-Managed Migration.