Saving the Note Template

In the Note Template editor, when performing these actions: saving the report, closing the Note Template or editing another report object by selecting the Actions and Edit menu, and the Note Template will be saved. The action applies when the Note Template is modified.
To save the Note Template:
  1. In Note Template editor, you must ensure the desired Name is specified, and the required dimensions exist in Dimension Layout for the Note Template.
    saving the note template verify all the mandatory fields and POV selector
  2. Click Save to save the report and the Note Template.
  3. In Warning dialog box, you will be prompted to confirm creating a new Note Template or when the Note is modified, click Yes.
    warning dialog box to confirm creating a new Note Definition


    You can remove a Note Template from a report, but it does not delete the Note Template, as it can be shared across reports. You can delete a Note Template from the Note Manager.


    Once a Note Template is created and saved, you cannot change the Note Template name.

    After setting the dimensions in the Note Template POV and a Note is created from the template, the Dimension Layout cannot be changed.