Setting Up the Point of View Selections and Options

The Note Template utilizes the report’s Global POV. When inserting a new or existing Note Template into a report, the POV dimension members need to be selected and POV options defined, such as hiding a POV dimension, restricting the user from selecting members other than the ones defined, or printing all selections.

All the dimensions in the data source are listed in the POV, unlike a grid or chart that has dimensions in the rows and columns. If the report already contains a grid or chart, any grid row/column dimensions are listed in the Global POV for a Note Template and need to be defined. If the report does not contain a grid or chart, the Global POV selections and settings will be specific to the Note.

You can select one or more members. If you select one of several preset POV members (for example: Departments), then you can select multiple members.

To set the Point of View for the Note Template:
  1. In the POV bar at the top of the Note, click on a dimension label to open the member selector for that dimension.
    pov selection
  2. In the member selector, select one or more members for the dimension by clicking the check mark next to a member name. You can select individual members, or you can use lists or member selection functions to select multiple members.


    If you do not define a selection for the dimension, the system displays Default, and the report viewer can select any member that they have access to for that dimension.

  3. To set Point of View Options for a dimension, click actions next to a POV dimension, and then select from the following:
    • Reset to Default—Resets the dimension selection to Default.

    • Hide Dimension—Hides the dimension in Preview mode. This is available only if multiple selections are not defined for the dimension.

    • Display Suggestions Only—Restricts report viewers to selecting only from the members that you specify in the POV. Viewers are not able to select other members for this dimension.
      display suggestion option in the POV dimension setting

    • Print All Selections—Renders each member of a dimension with multiple members on a separate page when printing to PDF.

  4. To reset all dimensions to Default, click actions at the far right of the POV bar and select Reset All to Default.


    The Note Template utilizes the report’s Global POV.

    A local POV specific to the Note Template is not currently available.

    To proceed further on Creating a Note Template, see Saving the Note Template.

    Working with the Point of View

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