Setting up the Note Template

To setup the Note Template, perform these steps:
  1. After inserting a Note box in a report, click Setup Note option. You can setup the Note Template, either by selecting an option:
    1. For creating a new Note Template: From the Select Source dialog box, select Models tab, and then select a data source.
      select a data source to create a new Note

      The Note Template is displayed.

    2. For using an existing Note Template: From the Select Source dialog box, select Existing Notes tab, and then select an existing Note Template from the list.
      select an existing Note from the list

      If you are inserting an existing Note Template, the report's Global POV will be added to the Note Template. The Note Template's General Properties will be included; however, Formatting Properties will be specific to the inserted Note Template in the report.

  2. Under General properties, enter the Name and Description (optional) for the Note template.
    Note Name should be unique

    Note Template names must be unique across all reports and data sources. For example, Name: Performance Summary. Once a Note Template is created, and saved. You cannot change the Note name.

    Optional: Note Template description can be based on the report such as, "Variance Summary", and "Performance Trends".


    In the Note Template editor, if you perform any of these actions, then the Note Template will be saved:

    • Saving the report

    • Closing the Note editor to return to the report design canvas

    • Editing another report object, by using the Actions, and select Edit menu

    A prompt is displayed, if you want to create a new Note Template, see Saving the Note Template.


    Once a Note Template is created and saved, you cannot change the Note Template name.

    After setting the dimensions in the Note Template POV and a Note is created from the template, the Dimension Layout cannot be changed.

    Note Templates specify the original POV dimensions that are available for all Notes entered from the report.

    To proceed further on Creating a Note Template, see Setting the Properties.