Migrating Folders and Artifacts

From the navigation or content pane, depending on the folder type or artifact selected and security applied to the location (folder) or artifact, you can do the following using one of the Action action gear or down arrow icons:

  • Export—Creates a ZIP file of a folder and its contents and you are prompted to select where to export the ZIP file, see Migrating Folders and Artifacts after the export is complete.

    • Select a folder to export, a Select Folder for Export File is displayed.

    • Select a folder for export. You will receive a notification when the export is complete.

    • A ZIP file is created in the folder you selected for export and the filename is prefixed with Export —.


    To perform a successful folder export, the user must have administer access to all artifacts in the folder.

  • Import—used as part of the migration process to import a file either from the library or locally, see Migrating Folders and Artifacts for more information on how to complete this task from the library.