6 Using the Appearance Icon

If the Service Administrator has allowed users to override the background and logo images as explained in Setting Appearance, then users can further customize their experience.

To set default display options:

  1. From the Home page, click Tools Tool icon.
  2. From the Tools pane. Click Appearance.

Default values are displayed in each user’s Appearance card, however each user may overwrite the default values with their own preferences if so allowed by the Service Administrator.

Enter URLs for logo and background as shown in the example below. See Setting Appearance for an example of how and where this is displayed.
The Appearance tab on the Preferences dialog box is used to set a customized logo and background image.

Select a theme from drop-down menu.


Both the Oracle logo and background image can be customized. Any logo image smaller than 125px wide and 25px high can fit without scaling. For large image logos, Oracle recommends you maintain a 5:1 ratio so the image is scaled without distortion.

The default size for the background image is 1024x768. You can use a larger background image, however the image is scaled to fit the resolution setting of your display and the image is centered horizontally.