Changing the Taxonomy Report Properties in Disclosure Management

To change the report properties:
  1. Open the Disclosure Management report.
  2. In the Disclosure Management Report Manager pane, select the Taxonomy template, and then click open icon.
  3. Logon to Narrative Reporting, enter the user and password details.
  4. Select Check Out, and then select Properties.
  5. Select Taxonomy, and change the taxonomy settings:
    report properties dialog
    1. In Taxonomy Date, click specify date icon to change the date.
    2. The Namespace is automatically changes to the date specified in the Taxonomy Date. For example,, where 20170930 represents the date format in YYYYMMDD.
    3. Click OK to exit the report properties.
    4. Click Reference Taxonomies. Select the individual properties, and then click OK
  6. Click Check In. Enter your Comments, and then click OK to save the taxonomy template.
    Successful check in message is displayed, and then click OK.