Verifying Document Entity Information in Disclosure Management

The Document Entity Information (DEI) section must be established for the report. The DEI defines the required parameters for proper instance generation, such as Document Type , Entity Central Index Key, Document Fiscal Period Focus, Document Fiscal Year Focus, Current Fiscal Year End Date , Document Period End Date, Document Period Start Date, Document Effective Date, among several DEI concepts to enable a successful submission to the SEC.
To verify the presence of a DEI mapped values in the report, perform these steps:
  1. Open the Disclosure Management report in Smart View. See Connecting to Narrative Reporting in Smart View.
  2. Open the Disclosure Management report.
  3. In the Disclosure Management ribbon, select Manage to open the Disclosure Management Report Manager.
  4. In Disclosure Management Report Manager, select the Document Entity Information worksheet doclet.
  5. In the shortcut menu, click Open.
  6. In the Document Entity Information worksheet doclet, select a data point, and then verify the variables information in the DEI.
  7. You must verify the following variables information in the DEI:
    1. Entity Emerging Growth Company
    2. Entity Filer Category
    3. Entity Shell Company
    4. Entity Small Business
    5. Entity Central Index Key
    6. Amendment Flag
    7. Document Fiscal Period Focus
    8. Document Fiscal Year Focus
    9. Document Period End Date
    10. Entity Registrant Name
    11. Entity Current Reporting Status
    12. Entity Voluntary Filers
    13. Entity Filer Category
    14. Entity Well Known Seasoned Issuer
    15. Entity Public Float
    16. Document Period Start Date
    17. Document Effective Date
    18. Document Type
    19. Current Fiscal Year End Date