Migrating Taxonomies

Migrating taxonomies is different from rolling taxonomies forward. In a roll forward, you make a copy of a report and its accompanying extended taxonomy and then use it in a different reporting period. When you migrate a taxonomy, you change the year of the base taxonomy for an extended taxonomy from one year to a different year (for example, from US-GAAP-2016 to US-GAAP-2017).

The migration process allows you to make use of newly approved concepts and to remove deprecated concepts. Taxonomies in many jurisdictions may change on an annual basis. In certain cases, base taxonomies that have become aged will not be accepted by the Regulator as a basis for an extended taxonomy and must be replaced. Disclosure Management will confirm whether the taxonomy in use will be accepted by the Regulator prior to filing, or if the base taxonomy needs to be migrated first.

To migrate a taxonomy:

  1. Before you begin migrating a taxonomy, complete your roll forward first. See Rollover Disclosure Management Report in Narrative Reporting

  2. In Taxonomy Designer, click Properties.

  3. Select the Taxonomy tab.

  4. Click the Base Taxonomy drop-down menu and select the base taxonomy to migrate to, and then click OK.


    The migration process can take several minutes to complete.

screenshot displays the Taxonomy Publishing Properties dialog box with the Base Taxonomy dropdown displaying several base taxonomies to migrate to