Using Microsoft Word Track Changes and Doclets

Track Changes in Microsoft Word can cause issues during the generation of an instance document and validation. If the track changes feature is turned on in a Word doclet, then the Disclosure Management report imports all the Markup that is embedded in the doclet.

During the validation and instance generation routines, this markup can be an issue. For example, if the 2 in the mapped value 123 is replaced by 4 then the value is 143, the number with the change markup appears as 1423 in the instance document and is validated accordingly.

To avoid this behavior, select one of the following solutions:

  1. On the Microsoft Word ribbon, disable Track Changes by selecting the Accept All Changes option and turning off the Track Changes option on the Review tab. This allows you to commit all changes and remove the markup permanently from the Microsoft Word doclet.

  2. Before generating an instance document or performing validation, ensure that Track Changes is changed from the Final Showing Markup to Final. Only the Final version should be imported into the Disclosure Management report.

    Note that the second solution does not prevent the markup from being added to the Disclosure Management report, but it resolves the issues related to instance document generation and validation.