Migration of Disclosure Management Report

This feature enables you to migrate a Disclosure Management report from an existing mapping of namespaces to a new target namespaces. Key operations performed during migration:

  • Changes taxonomy associations in the report and updates the corresponding XBRL mappings properties.

  • Identifies and migrates the report mappings by namespace, allowing users to specify new target namespaces as needed. Any changes in the referenced taxonomies are reflected in the migration process.

To migrate a document:

  1. Connect to the Disclosure Management server.
  2. From the Disclosure Management ribbon, select the Migration icon - The image shows the Migration icon.
  3. The Migration Report Wizard is launched. Click Next.
  4. In Select Taxonomy, the list of registered taxonomies are displayed, select the required taxonomy for migration, and click Next.
  5. The Retrieving Taxonomies Data screen is displayed while it collects source and target taxonomies from the server. When completed, click Next to display the Migration Rules (namespaces) screen.
  6. The Source Namespace column displays a list of all existing mappings within the original report (Disclosure Management Document and doclets combined). Corresponding to each Source Namespace in the list, the Target Namespace column displays namespaces where you can select, confirm, or override a namespace - one target namespace per source namespace.
  7. You must finalize a choice corresponding to each source namespace. If no default namespaces are available among the Target Namespace list or if you want to change the namespace, then click browse button to select a namespace from the Select target taxonomy namespace window, and then click OK.
  8. After selecting all the target namespaces, click Next to display the Processing screen.


    Concept mismatches can be reviewed in the Disclosure Management Mapping Tool.

  9. Once the process is complete, the Disclosure Management Report Migration is Completed screen is displayed, and click Finish.


When a user changes a taxonomy in a Disclosure Management document, the existing XBRL concept mappings are retained in the Mapping Repository. When a concept belonging to a mapping does not exist in the new taxonomy, but continues to reference data in the document, it is considered "mismatched."