Validating with Rules Support

Disclosure Management provides additional rules validations including:

  • Validation based on the XBRL 2.1 specification (by default) for dimensions, linkbases, and the Unit Types Registry

  • Regulatory validation for US Edgar Filing Manual Checks and the IFRS Global Filing Manual

  • Extension modules, which are available for tuple generation, custom functions, and so on.

To perform a regulator specific validation:

  1. Open the Disclosure Management report in Smart View.

  2. From the Disclosure Management ribbon, select Preview.

    The Preview dialog is displayed.

  3. From the File menu, select a .DMR file or .XML file.

    Optional: You can also select the Open Report Folder or the Open US-GAAP Report, and navigate to the file.

    Once the file is loaded, a "Validate" menu item is added to the Preview dialog.

    The Validate drop down is displayed.

  4. Select Validate and then from the Validate drop down, select the validate option.

    Options are:

    • US SEC

    • UK HRMC

    • Taxonomy

    A Disclosure System check log is generated and displayed in Preview.

To view the Disclosure System Log from the Preview Tool menu:

  1. From the Disclosure Management ribbon, select Preview.

  2. Select Tools, then View, and then select any one: .

    Options are:

    • US GAAP
    • Generic
    • XBRL
    • iXBRL
    • IXBRL Interactive Viewer


      Using IXBRL Interactive Viewer, the report is displayed in a full browser (Internet Explorer)

  3. Select Disclosure System Check Log.