About Doclets

Report packages are comprised of subcomponents called doclets.

  • Doclets contain the content you require for the report that you’re creating with an Narrative Reporting report package. A report package can consist of one or more doclets. Word-based report packages contain Word-based doclets, PowerPoint-based report packages contain PowerPoint-based doclets, and PDF-based report packages contain PDF-based doclets. Doclets participate fully in report package workflow, including all author phases, review phases, sign off, and report publishing.

  • Supplemental doclets are documents which assist in the development of the overall report, such as source and reference files. Supplemental doclets can be of Office file types, such as Excel, Word, or PowerPoint; or of non-Office file types, such as PDF, TXT, or ZIP. Content from supplemental doclets is not merged into the combined report. Supplemental doclets of any file type can be included in both Word-based and PowerPoint based report packages. For example, Word-based supplemental doclets can be included in Word- or PowerPoint-based report packages.


    Supplemental doclets of any file type are not available for commenting in the review or sign off phase, and they are not part of the final published report.

  • Reference doclets contain commonly used report content where certain types of reporting content is created, authors can then embed that content in their assigned areas of the report package. You can design content such as highly formatted reports, ad hoc grids, and text within an Excel spreadsheet. The available content in a reference doclet becomes common report content that can be embedded in doclets by assigned authors. Embedded content can be reused as required throughout the report package, and is refreshable, so the content will always reflect the latest data.