Checking In Doclets

After you have uploaded the updated version of a doclet, you check the doclet back in to commit your changes to the report. Checking in a doclet enables others to view your changes.

To check a doclet in:

  1. Click Doclet actions next to the doclet name.

  2. Select Act on Content.

  3. Select Check In.

The lock icon on the user is removed to indicate that the doclet is checked in.


After you have checked out and downloaded a doclet, you must upload a new version before you can check it back in. If you want to discard the changes that you made and revert back to the original version of the doclet, select Undo Check Out instead.


The system will automatically create a prior version of the doclet whenever the doclet is checked in. The system will automatically maintain the most current versions of the doclet up to the limit set within the Report Package. If a doclet version limit is met, the system will remove the oldest prior version as new versions are added.


Doclet versioning has been optimized to minimize the impact of multiple automated check-ins. When multiple automated check-ins are performed on the doclet due to variable or embedded content changes, the system will update the doclet contents but will not generate a new version.