Setting Up a Report Group

Creating report groups is the third step in generating custom reports. A report group enables you to group individual reports together for Task Manager and Supplemental Data Manager so that you can organize reports in folder structures.


Nested Report Groups are not supported.

After a report group has been created, you can modify it if necessary. You can duplicate a report group but its name must be unique. You can also delete a report group, however, deleting a report group deletes all reports associated with that group.

To create report groups:

  1. From the Home Page, click Application, and then select Non-Consolidation Reports.
  2. From the Report Groups tab, click New.
  3. In the New Report Group, enter:
    • Name

      Enter a group name for the group of reports.

    • Description

    • Display to User

      Select Display to User if you want this report group displayed to the user.

      The Display to User option enables report writers to have a group of reports hidden while they are working on them.

  4. On the Reports tab, reorder or edit reports that have been added to the report group using the Move icons move icons..
  5. Click Save and Close.