Generating Custom Reports for Task Manager and Supplemental Data Manager

You can create reports for Task Manager and Supplemental Data Manager. The reports can be generated in PDF, CSV, HTML, or XLSX format.


Task Manager provides sample reports to assist you in getting started. You can use them as templates and can duplicate them as needed, then make modifications or extend access to users. To duplicate a report, select the report, then select Duplicate from the ellipsis button ellipsis action button. You can then edit the newly created report.

You can also create custom reports. Building custom reports involves four steps and can only be performed by a Service Administrator:

To build custom reports, you create a query whose definition can then be exported as an XML file. Import the XML file into Word and use it to create a template document, which must be in RTF format. Then you can set up a report group to group individual reports. Finally, generate the report, which uses both the query and the template you created and can be set with a default output of CSV, PDF, HTML, or XLSX.

After you have built a custom report, the Service Administrator or other users who have been granted access can generate the report. See Generating the Report.