28 Managing Schedules

A schedule defines a chronologically ordered set of tasks that must be executed for a specific business process, and is the application of a template into the calendar. For example, you can apply the Quarterly template as Q1FY19 for the first Quarter, then apply the template again as Q2FY19 for the second quarter.

The maximum number of schedules that you can create, import, or deploy is 100,000.

Schedules have a status of Pending, Open, Closed, or Locked. You can change the status of a schedule from Pending to Open, or from Open to Closed or Locked.


  • After a schedule is set to Open, it cannot be reset to Pending.
  • After a schedule is set to Locked, its status cannot be changed.
  • Schedule Owners and Viewers are notified by an email when a Schedule is deleted.
  • An immediate reassignment request notification is sent out to administrators and schedule owners when an assignee or approver requests a reassignment.