Setting Schedule Status

You manage the schedule lifecycle by setting the schedule status. You can set the status of a schedule to Open, Closed, or Locked, depending on its current status. To set schedule status, you must be the schedule owner or Service Administrator.

You can set the status for multiple schedules at a time. This can be helpful if your application has a large number of schedules.

These are the available statuses:


The schedule is not yet active. This is the default status of the schedule when it is created. For a schedule in Pending status, you cannot close or lock the schedule.


The schedule is open for work to be performed. Tasks in the schedule can be run.


The schedule is no longer active but follow-up work may be required. Tasks in the schedule continue to proceed based on their definitions, but you cannot add tasks to the schedule. Schedule owners or administrators can reopen a Closed schedule, which changes its status to Open.


The schedule is locked and cannot be modified. You can reopen a locked schedule, if required.

When you create a schedule, it has a status of Pending by default so that you can make final adjustments to it, and add, edit, or delete tasks.

To run a schedule, you change the status from Pending to Open. When the schedule is opened, tasks begin to execute according to their definition. Status for tasks that have met their starting condition are set to Open, and task notifications are sent to their Assignees.


If a schedule task start time is reached and authorization has not been provided for a system-automated task, the task remains in the Pending status and requires authorization.

When work on the schedule has reached a stage when follow-up work is all that is required, you set the status to Closed. You cannot add new tasks to a Closed schedule, however users can continue to work on tasks that are not complete. You can reopen a Closed schedule, which changes its status to Open.

When all tasks are completed, you set the status to Locked. You cannot edit a Locked schedule, but you can set the status back to Open, if required.

To set schedule status:

  1. On the Home page, click Application, and then click Task Manager.
  2. Click the Schedules tab on the left.
  3. Select one or more schedules for which to set status.
  4. Select Actions, and then Set Status, or select the Set Status dropdown.
  5. Click one of these status options, depending on the current status:
    • Open

    • Closed

    • Locked