Setting Task Type Parameters

The Parameters tab enables you to set the parameters for the Task Type.


The Parameters tab is available only if you have selected an Integration that has parameters that must be defined. Parameter values can be set at the Task Type level or at the task level.

Some tasks contain parameters that need to be changed each time that they are applied to a schedule. For example, date-driven parameters for Data Entry tasks may need to be set to the current month each time they are added to a schedule. When you set Task Type parameters, you can specify which parameters can be overridden during the scheduling process.

To set Task Type parameters:

  1. On the Home page, click Application, and then click Task Manager.
  2. Click the Task Types tab, and then click New.
  3. Enter Task Type Name and Task Type ID.
  4. Select the Parameters tab.
  5. Enter parameter values as required.
  6. Optional: To enable the parameter to be overridden at scheduling time, select Override at scheduling.
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