Consolidation and Translation Rules

Financial Consolidation and Close provides pre-built calculation scripts to handle consolidation and translation.

In addition, the system provides pre-built scripts and member formulas for some of the standard calculation processes. These rules are provided by default:

You can filter the list of rules by Cube and Rule Type.

To view the list of rules:

  1. On the Home page, click Rules.

  2. To filter the list of rules, click the Filter icon.

  3. From the Cube drop-down list, select a Cube: Consol or Rates, or use the default of All.

  4. From the Rule Type drop-down list, select a type, or use the default of All:

    • Scripts
    • Rules
    • Rulesets
    • Templates
  5. Click Apply to apply the filter.

Optimizing Concurrency for Rules

The Consolidate and Translate business rules in Financial Consolidation and Close execute on multiple entities. Essbase can execute business rules calculations concurrently using multi-threading. You can add a substitution variable named OptimizeConcurrency and set its value to True to take advantage of higher concurrency during Consolidations. Using the OptimizeConcurrency variable forces Financial Consolidation and Close calculations to make judicious use of multiple Essbase process threads so that calculations run faster.