Consolidation Logic

Data is proportionalized from the Entity Total / Parent Currency Consolidation dimension member to Proportion. The factor applied is always the Consolidation % defined for the Entity/Parent combination.

Data eliminated or adjusted might have the Consolidation % applied, or might use the Ownership % or Minority Interest (Non controlling interest) %. Other ratios might also be applied, such as the change in Ownership % or the lower of the entity Consolidation % and the Intercompany Partner Consolidation %.

The factors applied will be based on the Ownership Management of each Entity/Parent combination for each Scenario, Year and Period. Ownership Management records the ownership percentage for which a legal entity (an owning company) directly owns all or part of another legal entity.

Ownership Management

Ownership management consists of managing global consolidation settings and the application of those consolidation settings to each entity hierarchy on a scenario-by-scenario, year-by-year and period-by-period basis. For details, see Managing Ownership.