Managing Ownership

Ownership management consists of managing global consolidation settings and the application of those consolidation settings to each entity hierarchy on a scenario-by-scenario, year-by-year and period-by-period basis.

Ownership settings are applied to each Entity parent/child combination for each Scenario, Year and Period combination.

To access the Ownership Management screen:

  1. On the Home page, click Application and then click Consolidation.
  2. Click Manage Ownership.
  3. Select the Entity parent member for which to view the hierarchy.
  4. Select the Scenario, Year and Period.
  5. Click the Update arrow button (Update button) to update the screen to the selected POV.

    You can expand or collapse the hierarchy as required.

  6. Click the Parent/Child button to view the full hierarchy.
  7. Click the Parent/Legal Entity button to see the ultimate ownership settings for each parent with each of its descendant legal entities (note that currently all base entities are deemed to be Legal Entities).

Parent/Child View

Initially, all members will inherit the following settings:

  • Ownership %: 100

  • Control: Yes

  • Consolidation Method: Subsidiary

  • Consolidation %: 100

  • Minority Interest %: 0

The only exception will be any shared entities (for example, where an entity exists more than once in a single hierarchy). The first instance will inherit the settings noted above while each subsequent instance will have the following settings:

  • Ownership %: 0

  • Control: No

  • Consolidation Method: Not Consolidated

  • Consolidation %: 0

  • Minority Interest %: 0